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Republic racer and earthlings
A republic clone trooper is thrown into our dimension
During the middle of a battle a republic clone trooper is nearly killed but he is somehow sucked into our dimension and ends up on earth he is confused and lost but after persuading (threatening) the government he is able to be left alone and live on earth
Clone trooper m823x (max)
He served under Jedi master Depa Billaba and grew attached to Caleb dume (kannan) and sacrifice himself to save him from being killed but during the chaos max was somehow pulled into our dimension without any contacts or help he establishes a group of friends and vows to protect them​at any cost
Jack (hat)
Jack is an autistic child who lived in a home after his parents were killed he is extremely nobale but he has poor judgement. He first is involved with the group after watching the chaos max causes on the street when he first arrives. He gets a chance to meet the group properly when max visits the orphanage he decides (with help) to adopt jack.
Jasmine (blonde)
Jasmine is your typical girl she is first involved with the group after she gets caught up in the fight caused by max she doesn't like him at first but grows to trust him over time. She eventually is offered a chance to move into the group's mansion but declines making her the only member not live nearby.
Melissa (ginger)
Melissa is more tomboyish than jasmine currently in a relationship with Callum she enjoys being with him and her friends. Her first encounter with the group is when Callum and max get into a fight after he arrives she instantly hates max and refuses to like him she has no choice but to put up with him when Callum and max start a gaming channel on YouTube overtime she trusts him and is eventually asked to move into the group's mansion alongside Callum which they accept.
Callum (laptop)
Callum is your typical boy who loves to work on his YouTube channel. His first encounter with the group is when max gets into an accidental fight with max which causes them both to end up sharing a cell which they both apologize and bond. Callum and Tom are the only ones to know max isn't from earth. He and Melissa are both asked if they want to move into the group's mansion which Callum accepts.
Professor baker (mushroom)
Professor Tom baker is a retired professor who is often the group's rock and emotional support and butler in the mansion. He is first mentioned by jasmine about how he was struggling in university and needed a way out so max goes and talks to him and offer's him a home at the mansion but he agrees saying he'll be the butler at the mansion although max doesn't approve he accepts and allows Tom to be the butler

The car
When you own millions of pounds and miss miss the republic what do you do?
Max knows he can't get home and he loved pod racing and discovering the wheel he decided to build a race car and is both used for racing and normal driving (though it's terrible in the rain) which he probably shouldn't do with the cops and robbers always around luckily he has is stun gun behind him if needed
I now have a youtube channel with the same name I'm not planning on being as successful as Dan tdm but I have it open so I can post videos as and when I feel like it feel free to take a look if you want to


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